Solar & EV Charging Points-Can You Charge An Electric Car With A Solar Panel System?

With solar panels becoming more and more popular, people are beginning to ask:

  1. Can I charge my electric car with solar panels? The answer is yes, you can! First, of course, you need solar panels installed on your house. Solar Together is a great way to get group-buying savings on solar panels and batteries. Alongside your solar panels, you should also have a solar battery installed. That’s because solar panels generate electricity during the daytime, but at night your electric car will still need to be plugged in and draw power from the grid. A solar battery stores the extra electricity generated by your solar panels so that you can use it at night. Although not part of a standard Solar Together package, you may also want to add on an emergency power supply (EPS) so that your lights stay on and your EV keeps charging in the event of a power cut.
  2. How do i charge my electric car with solar panels? There are two ways to charge an electric car with solar panels. The first is with a standard plug, and the second is with a specifically installed home-charge point. A home-charge point is a device installed by an electrician that connects your solar battery to your car. The advantage of a home charge point is that it charges your car faster than a standard plug which normally takes 12 hours or even longer if your car has a big battery. Visit EPR innovative products to get a complete solar system and ev charger.

Did You Know?

The EPR Singo1000 portable power station delivers 1000W nominal AC output and can handle up to 2000W surges and your home electrical appliances. Its SmartDrive technology switches automatically when connected appliances exceed 1000W, ensuring safe and efficient power delivery without performance compromise. 


Max Charging 80%
  1. Super Fast Charge: Singo1000 can be super fast recharged from 0% to 100% in 1.5 hours by plugging into the socket on the wall with a included cable.
  2. Solar Charging: Singo1000 can be recharged by a compatible solar panel at 200W max. Charge time depends on the size of your solar panel and charging environment. (Equipped with built-in MPPT, the Singo1000 solar generator achieves over 99.9% MPPT efficiency.)

The future of solar power Is Bright-Interested In Lowering Your Power Bill? Find Out If Solar Panels Are Right For You

Imagine a typical four-bedroom family home in Manchester, utilizing 4,000kWh of electricity annually. With our cutting-edge 6kWp solar panel system paired with a 5.2kWh battery, this household stands to save an impressive £540 each year.

Here’s how we’ve calculated these remarkable savings:


  1. Energy Generation: Our system generates a substantial 5,950kWh of electricity from solar sources annually. This energy is intelligently distributed, with 28% powering your home and the remaining 72% sold back to the grid, earning you up to 33p per kWh through the Intelligent Octopus Flux tariff.
  2. Billing Transformation: Previously, this Manchester household paid an average of £112 per month on their electricity bill. However, with the combined savings and export income from solar, this cost plummets to -£28 per month, turning your property into an income generator. Even after factoring in the £96 monthly payments for EcoPower Renewables, the total outgoing on electricity is reduced to just £67 per month, resulting in an impressive £45 monthly savings. Over the course of a year, your electricity expenses drop to £804 instead of £1,344, delivering a substantial £540 in savings.
  3. Eco-Friendly Impact: Beyond financial gains, choosing EcoPower Renewables means reducing your carbon footprint by saving 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Over the system’s lifetime, this is equivalent to offsetting 32 long-haul flights.

Our calculations are based on the latest System Advisory Model (SAM), incorporating smart battery controls to maximize export savings. Additionally, we’ve used the Manchester-specific monthly and annual average figures to ensure accuracy and relevance. Make the shift to EcoPower Renewables today and embark on a journey toward sustainable living while enjoying significant savings on your energy bills from day one


Solar Energy All Year Round: Uninterrupted Sustainability In Manchester

  1. Consistent Solar Power Generation: Our solar panels in Manchester harness the power of daylight, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity throughout the year, even in the UK. They are designed to perform optimally, generating the most energy during the sunnier months.


  1. Summer Energy Surge: In the summer, your solar panels reach their peak performance in Manchester, producing ample energy to power your home and allowing you to sell excess electricity back to the grid. It’s the season of maximum energy independence and potential earnings.


  1. Winter Reliability: As winter approaches, solar panel output naturally decreases, but the system remains reliable. Your solar panels won’t stop entirely during Manchester’s winter months. You may need to supplement your energy needs with a small top-up from the grid.